Friday, July 15, 2016

Mary Blair

Mary Blair is one of my FAVORITE illustrators. She was also favored by Walt Disney. Have you ever ridden "It's a Small World"? She was the mastermind behind the whimsy colorful style. Her influence can be seen in several Disney works, including Cinderella, Peter Pan, and Alice in Wonderland. Her color styling is genius, how could you NOT love it?! If you didn't click on her name earlier, go HERE and feast your eyes on her gorgeous work.
Foundation folks, gotta know what I'm referencing here...ready?!
Awesome, me too...

Randy and I don't typically buy each other gifts. It's too difficult to keep the surprise when money is coming from the same place, and we don't really need much. What do we do instead? We make each other cards. We have quite a collection and we love them; however, every once in a great while we stumble across something ultra cool. Something so unique you need it around just so you can look at it and love it. I guess you could say our style is  "mclectic".
See what I did there? McKee + eclectic = mclectic. And it's true. 

Randy is an avid blog reader, keeping up to date on current trends and feeding his creative side with amazing things people are making and thinking and sharing. He stumbled across the work of Dustin Harbin, and what a creative feast his stuff is. I love his illustration style, the black lines, the shapes, it's really good stuff. Really really good stuff. He does artwork to sell, and you can commission "person of interest" drawings. You pay the man, tell him who you want a drawing of (typically a famous person), he draws it and mails it to you. That's it. It's really that easy. Even though you know what you've ordered the end result is a fantastic surprise. I chose a fun yellow frame from Michaels. It's perfect. So, last year for my birthday, in addition to a lovely card, Randy surprised me with this beauty. She now hangs in a cluster of other cool things we like looking at on my living room wall. Our eyeballs are lucky. 

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