Saturday, August 13, 2016

Vintage Map

One mans trash is another mans treasure, and for my family it couldn't be more true! Few things in our home are brand new. Older things have dings, scratches, patina, wear, and markings that tell a story. Everyone loves a good story. These items have character. Plus, the thrill of the find is part of the fun! Every year for our anniversary we go on a hunt for a cool new-to-us old find to add to our collection. 

This year we had a vintage map framed for our walls. IT. IS. AWESOME. And huge. Let's focus on the awesome part...I've seen plenty of boring maps and boring wall art, but vintage school maps from the 50's and 60's had such rich colors they're hard not to notice. We came across a bundle of maps and gave most of them away. This map of the USA was the only one we kept. So much of the world has changed names, but we can talk with our kids about this map and it's relevant. Their future social studies and geography teachers won't scold us for confusing them. Maybe it'll improve their Scrambled States of America game skills!

Check out that gorgeous color! They're beautiful enough to inspire the color palette of a room! Those oranges and greens together are soooo goooood...The mountain shadows, the tints and shades, the fonts used, it's truly a winning aesthetic mix!

For our anniversary, Randy visited Marwin Cummings, known for his woodworking and framing skills, to tackle the best way to go about framing this map (40" x 48"!!!). Mr. Cummings is kind, generous, knowledgeable, and skilled

Mr. Cummings and Randy did a BEAUTIFUL job mounting and framing this! It will be a focal point and conversation piece in our home! Sincerest thanks sir!


Check out that font! We love this part of the map. Orange is Randy's favorite color, and I love green. What a great mix! Stunning map, fantastic framing, lucky eyeballs!

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