Sunday, August 28, 2016

Making Time to View the Rocks

Life gets busy, I totally get it. Rush to school, rush home, rush to activities, there's always a million things to do. Today my husband has the flu. THE FLU! What horrible timing! Let's face it, there's never really a good time for feeling lousy, but we're going into the second week of school and there's a lot to do! But today our plans changed, we dropped everything, and the kids and I decided we would make homemade chicken noodle soup for their dad. My grandmother always said that chicken was medicinal, and we sure could use all the help we can get! The kids and I grabbed our shoes, held our breath, and darted out the door for the grocery store!

Just outside of the nearest town, on the hill that overlooks the dam at the end of the lake, something on the edge of the road caught my eye. While driving to the store I noticed that the usual wall of rock at the top of this hill had unusual rock piles at the bottom of it. I slowed down and was excited to see that someone had been making balanced rock sculptures there! They were just tall enough to peek over the tall grasses on the bank at the edge of the road. I vowed to get a closer look.

On our way home the kids and I stopped to investigate, we wanted a closer look. We talked about not touching the work of others. If something is going to happen to these balancing rocks we're going to leave it to nature so others can enjoy these little sculptures. We talked about the time it must've taken to create them. There had to be 20+ stacks scattered about along the road! How long did each one take? How many visits were made to continue the work? Is it the work of one person or many? A friend suggested it could be the work of Sasquatch. Perhaps a family of them? My neighbor said she saw a woman that drives a Subaru parked along the road there, working to balance rocks. 

For whoever is doing it, I hope it continues. It was a lovely surprise on a germ filled day, the time it took to create these was appreciated, and it caused my family to pause for a moment to enjoy something new instead of rushing through our to-do list. We greatly admire the collection. Smell the roses, view the rocks, you won't regret it. 

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