Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Warm Heart Paintings

While Mother Nature continues to tease us with warm spring temperatures followed by snow, wind, and SNOW DAYS, let's take a look at what kindergarten has been exploring in the art room! 

Warm and cool colors! To introduce cool colors for our backgrounds we watched snippets of Disney's Frozen! Students sang along, mostly during the chorus (they really owned that part), and we chatted about the cool colors in Queen Elsa's snowy surroundings and ice castle. We even saw the color indigo in her ice! How did we not notice these colors in her ice and snow before?!?! We talked about the colors she wore: greens, blues, purples. It wouldn't make sense for her to wear bright red, would it? No way, that's a warm color! She has ice powers, she needs to look cool

Learning to draw hearts without a template can be tricky, so we looked closely at some and realized that they look like two J's or two candy canes put together. We can draw J's and candy canes! Even though we all drew a heart, each one is unique and they did it themselves! Some were pretty proud of their accomplishment! Once we felt comfortable with our heart drawings and cool colors we donned our paint shirts, rolled up our sleeves (not easy to do with button sleeves), and got REALLY excited to paint with them! I covered the tables with rolled paper in cool colors to go along with our theme and to reinforce this new color family. We looked at several examples of patterns made of lines and shapes that we know and were inspired! Students set to work designing patterned backgrounds for our hearts. 

Check out that indigo line along the top!!! Mixing that color was a big deal. Everyone agreed that when we learned to mix colors this year that was the most difficult to make. Painting pattern details takes focus, helps to develop fine motor skills, and patience. We weren't rushing. We took our time. We encouraged each other. We showed friends at our tables designs we were especially proud of. 

We listened to music while we worked, favoring Pandora Disney tunes, of course. It was especially exciting when "Let it Go" played because that song introduced us to these super cool colors in the first place! 

To introduce students to warm colors we turned again to Disney's Frozen! We watched Olaf singing "In Summer", looking for warm colors. We chatted about how different the hot tub scene would feel if the background was cool instead. The colors we choose are important! How do you think folks will feel looking at our warm hearts? Warm and fuzzy, happy and special, all good things, right? ABSOLUTELY! 

These cheerful hearts are sure to warm you up and put a smile on your face! 

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